Laundry Egg Case - Яйце за пране - празно

  • Марка: EcoEgg

Spare case for your Ecoegg Laundry Egg

    • Choose from Blue, Pink, or Yellow
    • Mix and match
    • Perfect for larger machines


We have had numerous requests from customers for spare egg cases for various reasons, and now you can have them!

Mix and match

Want to make your Laundry Egg a bit more fun?  Why not mix and match, with half your egg being the one colour, and the other half another?

Perhaps you have the Fragrance Free Laundry Egg, but are not keen on the colour yellow? Now you can use your Fragrance Free pellets with a pink egg!

Larger washing machines

If your machine is particularly large, you may need to add two Laundry Eggs to your wash to get the best results.

Buying a spare Laundry Egg case and tourmaline pellets separately is a good way to do this. Then simply add the mineral pellets and tourmaline pellets, and you are good to go.

Super Organised

Maybe you are a bit of a neat freak and like to have one Laundry Egg for each type of washing load. Choose one colour for your towels, one for your children’s clothes and one for sportswear etc.

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